Who Is Johanna?

Johanna Baker is a woman who is dedicated and committed to helping others. Johanna went from being a University of California Berkeley student to a now veteran entrepreneur focused on being a “helper, healer, friend” to those who yearn to transform, change and everyone desiring to excel in the network marketing industry.

According to Johanna “we are all inner connected and it is impossible to be a self-made millionaire; because, it normally takes a team of people inner connected and working together for common goals that lifts us and inspires us to ascertain greatness.” She is always there to uplift, inspire and encourage people to live out the greatness that lies dormant within them.

Johanna epitomizes the word courageous. She has turned lemons into lemonade and teaches others how to do the same. She believes in others and their ability. She has befriended people when nobody else was there for them. She sees the best in all people and knows there is always a silver lining. “When God shuts a door he will always open a window” states Johanna with conviction.

Johanna has her M.D. (Motivation and Determination). She is a leader, mentor, and team trainer in the network marketing industry. She is loved and respected by everyone who knows her.

Loyalty and Commitment is evidenced in her forty-year marriage to her devoted husband Jim Baker. Together they have raised two beautiful daughters Erika and Kathleen. Jim and Johanna reside in a large and beautiful home in San Jose, California with their dog “Sugar” a beautiful terrier that thinks she is the “cat’s meow”.

Loving, helping, and caring about others come natural to Johanna. She is a humanitarian, philanthropist and public-spirited woman. Over the years she has been known to support many public causes including but not limited to World Vision and Habitat For Humanity.

As most already know, TEAM is the acronym for “together each of us achieves more”.  Well, Johanna and her other team leaders are co-creating a dynasty with the TEAM philosophy put into action in building her current network marketing company. You will benefit to the max with this aggressive team building philosophy put into action in your enterprise.

Johanna’s network marketing focus is the health and wellness industry, which is a multi-billion dollar industry quickly approaching a trillion dollar industry. According to the legends and icons of the network marketing industry, this niche and trend is by far the best to choose to represent in the network marketing industry. Johanna enjoys a lofty title and an impressive check representing the rewards of committed focus to helping others achieve their goals and dreams through “team building”. You deserve to be in her circle of influence and partner with this altruistic and valiant leader in the network marketing industry.

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